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Thermal points :
LIGHT: For hottest summer nights 
MEDIUM: The warmer summer duvet 
WARM: All year round use duvet
WARM PLUS: Winter duvet
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Information on DaunenStep down duvets


DaunenStep products are only filled with goose down feathers or a mixture of down feathers and feathers.

Down feathers: It is very light and delicate and grows on goose chests. Each feather (as the very form) is made up of thousands of fine fibres growing up from the centre in all directions giving to all products which are filled with them, volume and softness.

Feathers: They are small feathers with quill guaranteeing their elasticity and correct shape to the products.

Product quality is measured by the quality and percentage representation of down feathers and feathers, amount of feather bunches and by the fact the down feather is genuine and as clean as possible.

Daunenstep uses  for its production materials only from certified breeding farms, which guarantees quality and wholesomeness of the geese which mainly come from Eastern Europe (Poland, Bulgaria and others). The climate of these states causes the down feather is thicker and of better quality.

Property of down feather: The down feather has its long tradition in northern and highland areas. Over that past few year its use has also successfully extended to the rest of the world. This is happening because of its irreplaceable and valuable properties.

Insulation and non-conductive power: Down feather has the ability to keep the body natural temperature by creating a warm barrier in its surrounding.

Ability to absorb moisture: Down feather has the ability to quickly absorb the moisture produced by human body which is evaporated from the body throughout the day.

Heat regulating effect: Down feather can capture a large amount of air among its bunches and spread the heat around the entire bed.

Lightness: Covers and protects the body, however it does not prevent movement and does not bring any feeling of heaviness.

Fill density: Indicates the weight and volume ratio, which are manufactured for various purposes. The bulkier the bunches of down feathers the higher the thermal coefficient grade. Thanks to this fact, we can produce duvet which are light and yet keep you warm even under extreme conditions.

Hypoallergenic: Part of each  DaunenStep product is NOMITE 1021, an international certificate, controlling their properties.

Durability: If the down products are properly treatedm they will be your indispensable friend for 20 - 30 years.

Guarantees and quality

DaunenStep products become your friend for many years which is the main reason why the quality guarantee is in the first place.
Each product goes through at least  five checks from international organisations.
Al products have a special designation where all the product components are described with maximum openness and transparency.

In addition the products of this company have international recognition which guarantees their quality.

NOMITE: International designation based on scientific research, which certifies that these feather products have a high quality. They are therefore suitable for people allergic to domestic dust.

EDFA : European Down and Feather Association ensures the good health of geese where the feathers come from. DaunenStep uses only such feathers which come from certified breeding farms.

Oeko-Tex 100 : It is responsible for fabric. Oekotexstandard 100 is the most respected eco-label for textiles around the world. Products with this label have been analysed by one of the most important international institutes for research and guarantees their safety for human health.

IDBF : World association of industry concerning down and feathers. Check the unprocessed material used for manufacture of final products.


Care for products from down feather:  Requirements for products from down feathers are very small. Just follow a few basic rules:

·                     Regularly aerate, without long-term exposure to direct sun.

·                     Regularly and conscientiously shake and jig.

·                     Avoid sustained pressure at one point.

·                     Wash regularly every 2-3 years, especially at daily use.

·                     Every 7 to 10 years professional review is recommended.

Care for down-feather duvets and pillows: Wash in customised washing machines on 40°C on programme for very fine threads and dry immediately after washing in the dryer.

Care for luxury down quilts:  They need professional dry-cleaning and specialised dryers. 

Care for luxury bedding: Wash in common washing machines at 40°C  with programme for very fine threads.

Care for other products: Dry clean with normal detergent agents for textiles. When more dirty it must be professionally dry/cleaned. 

Silver protection:  For its antimicrobial properties silver has been used for centuries. At these days the positive properties of this precious metal were braided into the fabric or ready fabric was exposed to silver steam. Newly developed form, the so-called „Silver protection“ functions on nanotechnology basis and insertion of silver ions inside the fabric fibres.

„Silver protection“ as an antibacterial and fungicide method:

·                     Is permanent

·                     Resistant to washing and dry cleaning

·                     In accordance with skin natural pH

·                     Most effective (reducing bacteria content by up to 95% in 2 hours)

·                     Prevents and eliminates the formation of odours

·                     Reduces the emergence of allergic reactions


Surface materials

II Cashmere: Cashmere is considered the noblest wool in the world. The softness of Cashmere associated with the purest cotton gives the fabric natural softness and smoothness. It is intended for the most demanding customers. 

La Seta : 100% silk. Already in ancient times this material has been mark of luxury and prefect taste. It provides us with perfect enjoyment for eyes and skin as well which caressing thank to its fineness.

La Batista: Master piece of the purest and finest Egyptian cotton, which functions almost magically. The unequalled talent of weavers allows us to enjoy the wonderful feeling of luxury processed fibres. Only the highest quality Egyptian cotton used for the production and it is selected with special care.

Extra batiste: Limited luxury edition, which is result of traditions, skills, search and selection of the finest natural materials. The surface is made up of the purest Egyptian cotton, which is shiny and soft. It is treated with modern technology "Silver protection." It functions on nanotechnology basis and insertion of silver ions inside the fabric fibres. This will ensure the maximum quality and pleasant feeling of freshness.  

Surface materials of luxury bedspreads and decorative pillows: All of these materials have been selected with the assistance of qualified experts in order to ensure maximum feeling comfort together with quality, fineness, hyperallergenic properties and cleanness of used fabrics. The same emphasis was also laid on a wide range of colours, patterns and their combination so that they satisfy in their wide range even the most demanding customers.     

Detailed information on the composition are at each product description.

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